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Compression Stockings   


Compression wear can be beneficial for tired aching legs, persons who are on their feet for long periods of time, individuals who travel frequently or those who suffer from more serious venous issues and swelling.

There are many sizing variations such as knee-length, thigh-length, panty-hose, petite, tall and extra wide calf. 

Options include open toe, closed toe, silicone band and several different colors.

Compression should be prescribed by a physician.                

Compression Strengths are typically : 16-20, 20-30, 30-40, or 40-50. 

We offer quality stockings. Insurance coverage varies according to your individual policy.

We ship all orders via UPS Ground. Orders take between two to five days to ship with faster shipping available by request.







Contact us at (866) 674-7963 in Gainesville, Florida, for further information regarding sizing of stockings.

Compression Stockings and Your Health

Most people don’t know much about compression stockings or have even heard about compression wear in general. The compression garment industry started up decades ago and has continued to steadily grow and improve.

Initially, compression garments were designed and developed to address actual medical needs. They looked the part as a cosmetic look was not even a consideration. Currently, compression wear is used not only for direct medical conditions, but also as a preventative. Styles have changed sufficiently so that the visual drawback from years ago is not an issue.

  • When would I consider wearing compression stockings?

  1. When you are recovering from surgery. Recovery after some surgical procedures in enhanced by applying compression to the area affected.
  2. When you sit or stand for prolonged periods of time as a normal consequence of spend your day or work your job. Your body needs general activity in order to properly move blood through tissues. Jobst stockings promote this during inactivity.
  3. When you travel by car or airline on a frequent basis. This falls in line with the above description of “inactivity”. Additionally, there are minor and isometric exercises that can be done while traveling to assist in promotion of proper blood flow.
  4. When your physician mentioned the words ‘venous insufficiency’ or ‘thrombosis syndrome‘ when talking to your about your body. When dealing with these complications and you want an inexpensive, non-invasive, effective solution, Jobst stockings or other quality medical compression stockings have worked well on a continuing basis.
  5. Upon the diagnosis of varicose veins, other extremity disorders of your veins, lymphedema, extremity clotting of blood, and/or edema. Use of Jobst compression stockings provides relief from pain, swelling and discomfort. They also act to help reduce the possibility of more severe problems.
  6. When you notice anything from slight to major extremity:

a. Discoloration

b. Discomfort

c. Skin ulcerations

d. Swelling

e. Pain

  1. What is available
  1. Day and night wear
  2. Gender specific garments
  3. Both custom and ready-to-don sizes
  4. Both lower and upper limb models
  5. Cosmetically appropriate looks
Jobst Stockings

Jobst Stockings

  • Why do compression stockings work?

    - Compression in the area of miss-shaped veins forces them to a more natural shape and location, allowing the normal flexing/contraction of muscle tissue to provide more natural motive action and force to the blood flow. Natural blood flow allows proper tissue replenishment with nutrition/oxygen. This allows a natural balance to the tissues and promotes their normal vitality. The formation of blood clots is also dissuaded.

  • I have heard the term gradient compression. What is that?

    - This refers to compression stockings with a non-uniform degree of compression along their axis. It is found that the farther tissue is from the heart, the more compression is helpful. Gradient compression garments provide this help against gravity, with a gradual reduction as heart proximity is approached. Gradient compression garments are designed for waking periods only.

  • Is there a difference between compression stockings and support stockings?

    - Yes. Support stockings, available without prescription, provide only compression of a mild nature and are not available with graduation. They are fine for many people, and are found to provide some comfort. As opposed to true compression stockings, they will not address vein disease symptoms. Your doctor is the one to prescribe any use of Jobst stockings.

  • Are TED hose also compression stockings?

    - No, at least not exactly. TED hose are typically used while in the hospital, are not graduated and are primarily a blood anti-clotting, anti-embolism solution while the wearer is inactive.

  • I am worried about the look. Will I look like I have my legs wrapped?

    - Not at all. Your medical needs and your fashion needs are walking the same road now with compression garments. Available in different colors, sheer material, and for both sexes, you won’t feel like you are dressed inappropriately.

  • When I hear “prescription”, I think lots of money. Are compression garments affordable?

    Certainly. Even with daily use, compression wear should provide advertised compression for a half year. Just like regular socks and hose, snags from sharp objects and Velcro attachment reduces the effective life. When you think of the cost, remember that compression garments are actually medical devices working to address and slow actual medical conditions. They will cost measurably more than regular socks and support hose.